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October 07, 2012


The Koreans are as bad as the Chinese about human rights and should not be trusted. Their fishing companies are even worse, physically abusing workers they sign up from other Asian nations to keep them on board for months.

Anytime someone complained about Jobs or Apple, I always point out that Samsung's CEO was convicted but then pardoned by the Korean PM. They're crooked to the core.

I'm no great apple fan, I have an iphone (soon) but no macs. But we need to wake up to the global injustice that goes into our electronics and our chocolate supply. It's time to do the right thing and vote with our dollars. Our nation spilled blood to fix such injustice, this is the least we can do.

I stated in the report, "Not that I like what I'm hearing out of Foxconn either, but Apple has already been taken to the woodshed for their sins and is at least on paper trying to improve worker conditions."

In the article you quoted above it states that "Apple said the child workers are now no longer being used, or are no longer underage."

But you're missing the point Joe. The point is that Samsung is mouthing off at every opportunity in the press about how they're an innovator and want the press to eat it all up. Well, along with insanely high profits comes scrutiny Joe, and we see that their "good guy" routine is backed by super cruel treatment of workers and the hiring of child labor. The tiny cells for their workers are little more than prison cells Joe and that's the way it is.

I'm sure you had no problem pointing to Apple's short comings and now the shoe is on the other foot.

I appreciate the thought you put into dissecting the China Labor Watch's full report and righting this up. Very insightful.

It's baffling why more outlets aren't reporting this very tragic and illegal activity. South Korea's economy is growing stronger at the expense of children while America's economy is garbage and we continue to fund them by buying their products!

I've personally talked several people out of expensive samsung purchases (I even made my dad RETURN a samsung plasma screen he recently purchased and replace it with a RCA model that was just as good) but this information needs to be passed around more broadly to make a more significant impact. Meanwhile... Apple shares are down.


Yeah, Apple using Child labor, too.

Apple has admitted that child labour was used at the factories that build its computers, iPods and mobile phones.


We vote everyday with our dollars! Be diligent with your dollars! Watch where you vote every time you make a transaction!

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