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October 10, 2012


The Justice Department did not cite any case in particular where Google had unfairly used their patents. It simply stated that the language of their policy is vague and would allow them to do so in the future. The main issue is Samsung has threatened to keep Apple from using their LTE patents which is a "Standard Essential Patent" in retaliation to being barred from selling their non-standard essential patent infringing products.

Enough already. When Google starts creating something that isn't filled with ads or creates their own ideas I'll listen, but for now all I hear from fans of Google is THE SAME EXACT sh*t I heard when MS was unethically destroying all competition.

Google = Thieves

If you would have read more carefully, Tom, you would have noted that it's the Deptartment of Justice who made the statement that you're in disagreement with.

Essential Patents are determined by standard-setting organizations, not Apple. It's far from legal mumbo jumbo. Because Apple is suing copycatters, Google and Motorola are using their supposed-to-be FRAND patents as a weapon to get back at Apple. This is what is being challenged and this is what is going to hurt the industry if left unchecked. The DOJ, FTC and ITU find this practice a danger. When you have these 3 organizations calling your practice wrong, it's wrong whether you like it or not, Tom.


Google's new motto: Don't be evil, cause we are!

Wait a minute -- you are dinging Google because of a non-clarification that may let them do some patent unfairness, and cite Apple as a paragon of clarity and fairness, when they just got a billion dollars and are enjoining Samsung from importing virtually every mobile product they make. Yeah, I know Apple is claiming the patents they are citing are not FRAND, but that's legal mumbo jumbo.

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