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August 03, 2012


I've now had two separate logic boards fail on me in the last few years, and not for taking bad care of my things by any means. How can I add my name to this?

@ Justin. If you read the testimonies of a few of these guys, you'll notice that they indeed had Apple Care. One guy's testimony is from nine months ago and under warranty and they still had this issue. It's great that you had a good experience with your MB, but evidently enough people to launch this suit, didn't. It's great that you're a big fan of Apple if not a blind fan, but Apple is far from perfect. Apple hates to admit any fault for anything. So forcing them to acknowlege their problems in court is the little guys only recourse, even if the greedy lawyers end up with the money.

Defect. This is comical. These computers that fail very rarely are in good shape. Fact of the matter is that people do not take good care of their stuff. They also don't buy apple care which would help them. 310 for Depot on 15 and 17 inch machines doesn't even pay for the parts. Apple Care looses money all the time resolving issues. Customer relations will do anything for anyone. If this Class Action suit is passed all electronics companies are in a world of hurt because this will set a president that stupid consumers can get the upper hand because they think they deserve it. We are all screwed if this passes.

From the suit, "..the Apple MacBook Pros and MacBooks do not have the intrinsic hardware to operate without a logic board and accomplish every computing task (such as printing, backup memory, precision mouse, and connection with wireless devices), the logic boards and USB ports are crucial to the functionality of the system."

Why would any MacBook Pro have "the intrinsic hardware" to print, backup memory, respond to the mouse, etc. without a MB. They seem to be saying it should here....aren't they?

It really suprises me that apple knew about the defect the whole time. Crazy

In Canada i was told the logic board was $700. to replace so the machine just sits there.

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