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July 29, 2012


@ ahem. Yes I read your link and here's what I read:

"First off, Samsung's AMOLED technology can't currently deliver the amazing 2048×1536 screen resolution of the new iPad, which packs more than 3 million pixels inside a 9.7-inch display. What's more, some tests have shown that the organic materials used in OLED displays have a shorter brightness lifespan than those used in LCDs (depending on the type of device)."

When I compared an iPhone with a Galaxy Note or others, it was a joke. Samsung's displays were so dead looking compared to Apple's. So thanks for the confimation that Samsung's AMOLED can't match Apple's Retina Display.

Samsung makes the Retina Display for Apple, head here for why they don't use it themselves - http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2012-04/04/why-samsung-makes-retina-displays

Wow, to think that back in the 1980s, American doctors said that watching too much TV wasn't damaging to the eyes, and meanwhile, many Asian parents were saying too much TV was bad for their kids eyes. Two decades later, this is accepted knowledge in the scentific world. Shame.

To Mack

The report from Korea states:

"Experts are paying attention to whether the new technique will be able to fully resolve AMOLED's resolution problem, its weakest point compared with the Retina Display of the iPhone."

To repeat, "resolve AMOLED's resolution problem, it's weakest point compared with the Retina display of the iPhone."

What part of this don't you get. In comparison to the Retina Display, AMOLED has problems matching it. That's to the point. Stop your whining.

Samsung Electronic's preferred tech is AMOLED which presently cannot reach the "retina" display resolution. Therefore Samsung's mobile devices do not offer such a screen.

APPLE would like to switch from Retina to AMOLED screens primarily to save battery time; SAMSUNG does not want to let APPLE 'catch up' by selling them the AMOLED displays. Thus APPLE is behind the curve!

Hey Pb, they do "for Apple" but it's not their technology. Trying to get around apple's technology isn't easy and they're in enough legal trouble with Apple as it is.

@ Vimes

I think a billion people will laugh along with you - Ha!


Samsung produces apples retina display...As well as the vast majority of all their hardware.

Screen time should be limited to two hours a day?

*bursts out laughing*

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