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June 01, 2012


Mark thanks for straightening this out. You are, however, singing a predictable refrain. I appreciate and respect your point of view but also appreciate the fact that you need a middle class to buy products for companies to remain successful. It can't all be just one way and calling people names doesn't make your point of view more valid. I think that's what Fred is talking about. Stop with the name calling and talk to each other reasonably rather than emotionally scream at each other. I'm glad you brought clarity to Apple's tax issue that Mike mentioned but the economy has to be strengthened before people can go "get a better job" or "start their own business".

Mike, Apple doesn't put their money in Vegas to avoid taxes. They pay huge taxes every quarter. What you are referring to is their investment arm that is in Reno. They still pay federal taxes just no state taxes as Nevada has no state tax. What's wrong with that? What a bunch of whiners we have in America. Everybody owes me. Go out and get a better job or start your own business instead of complaining. This country is 50% full of whiners. Your disgusting.

Hello Bob & Mike! I see you're both at the extreme right and left of the spectrum. Oh ye of little faith! Clint Eastwood, a Liberarian if I'm not mistaken, published a well praised ad during the Super Bowl called "Halftime in America." You're both locked into your own propaganda. America is a great country with great people who know how to be reasonable. If American people use their reason instead of going on emotion, they can do great things. One such great thing is to both protect workers and Unions and manufacture great products like Apple products. All that is needed is a little less polarization and some reason on the part of both groups to meet in the middle.

No doubt Apple products would probably cost a bit more if they were made in America and no doubt Apple's profits might be a little less than they are now but Apple would also be praised as a company with a conscience who could make a buck of profit from selling to its people but who also promoted and elevated the Nation that allowed such great success. It takes effort and sometimes pain but both sides can help restore the lustre of the "Made in America" label!

@Bob. Spoken like a true Republican. American cars are selling again and without a middle class no one will buy anything in America. But if you're a white collar Republican, you just don't give a damn. I'd rather spend more for a product and put food on someone's table. I sleep better at night. How do you think Apple got to where they are today? Great for Apple, bad for US Manufacturing.

Apple is in Cupertino but they put their money in Vegas to pay zero taxes. Tim Cook goes to Washington to speak to Boehner looking for even more tax breaks. Apple isn't the cool caring underdog company anymore. They're just like every other Republican that only looks at the money.

I used to root for Apple. They could now go to hell for all I care!

Probably will never happen. If some manufacturing is done in the US, buyers will avoid the product from that factory, knowing it was probably made by union workers and will have the quality that made many Americans avoid buying American cars.....and the $695 iPad would probably cost $1,850.

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