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June 19, 2012



I'm guessing that pcs is referring, somewhat obliquely, to the fact that you are turning all the information over to Apple (or some designate) who also likely has some designs on it.

The fact that this is patented by a single private company that also engages in data-mining seems to make it a little worthless for the intended purpose.

Thanks for the report. You know, you're good enough to list the patent number and then an asshole like informationweek just rips you off without credit. Who are they kidding? Do they think that they just stumbled onto this patent? No. I hope that author's boss rips his head off because it sure makes informationweek look bad. And I'm being polite.


@ pcs. I guess you didn't actually read the report:

"In a sense, thousands of "Little Brothers" or automated programs can monitor virtually every action of users over the Internet. The data about a user can be accumulated and combined with other data about the user to form electronic profiles of the users."

Wait, where did all that information on my identity even come from to be cloned in the first place???

THIS is cool.

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