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April 27, 2012



I updated the report with a secondary Granted Patent for the iPad Smart Cover. The iPad Cover is light years ahead of Bovino's and trying to stretch the bendable sections of the Smart Cover to even resemble Bovino's resilient ribs is so off the wall it's hard not to laugh. Bovino will have his day in court. But please, enough with the jokes. Ha!

While I appreciate your point of view and time you took to send in your comment, I respectfully dissagree with you.

Cheers Patentpend

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the comment. I added a more substantive patent to the report that was issued in March. See below:


Thanks for pointing that out, as the second patent is vastly superior and more in context. Apple's cover is so advanced that Bovino's case doesn't stand a prayer. Of course, it's one man's opinion and Bovino will have his day in court.

"At the end of the day, it's very difficult to understand why Bovino thinks that there's a solid case against Apple with patent 6,977,809. Especially in light of Apple being a granted a patent for the iPad Smart Cover on April 24, 2012."

It's not difficult to understand at all. Bovino's patent is a utility patent, and Apple's patent is a design patent.


Your comment that "it's very difficult to understand why Bovino thinks that there's a solid case against Apple with patent 6,977,809" is simply wrong as a matter of law. Apple's patent is not relevant in any way to whether or not the iPad cover infringed Bovino's patent.

However, Bovino's Claim 1 requires that the resilient ribs protect the computer from wear and tear during use. Arguable, when the iPad cover is opened during use, it is not protecting the Ipad from wear and tear (except maybe on the back).

As far as ribs, the iPad cover could be considered to be rather wide ribs separated by bend points.

When you are #1 you can expect a multitude of bloodsuckers! Thanks for the most comedic lawsuit article I have ever read. I sincerely wish Mr. Bovino all the best in his efforts.

Chrome plated brass balls. ROFL

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