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March 10, 2012



The report clearly states that Adaptix is "recognized in the industry as one of the first developers of cutting edge OFDMA-based mobile wireless systems." Maybe you missed that.

This could NOT be more hilarious:

“The company claims to have conceived . . . that form the foundation of today’s advanced 4G broadband wireless technology and systems"

Seeing as there are ZERO actual 4G devices on the market today, that '4G' continues to ONLY be a deceptive marketing hype term with no actual hardware available to run it:

Did they invent LTE Advanced (LTE-A)? No. That's Qualcom tech. Did they invent 802.16? No, that's an international standard tech. These are the only two upcoming ACTUAL 4G technologies on the horizon.


It doesn't matter. This case will result in either a cross-license or ADAPTIX being buried.


They don't have squat on Apple's LTE patent catalog they acquired recently.

Apple sues everyone even for ridiculous patents. Therefore that is good news.

They're going after the one with the most $. If they win, and in my opinion it's another waste of time in court, others will give in, if they come after them at all :/

@ Stephen.

Sometimes the other companies (Samsung etc) pay up as an anoyance fee to save time. Sometimes a company like Adaptix will sue the big dog first and with a victory in hand, they go after the other smaller fry. They line'm up like ducks after that. If you beat Apple, you beat them all.

Why only at apple ? , how come they did sue other company as Motorola and Samsung etc companies . There something I don't understand , why they are accusing only at apple but not to Samsung , Motorla , etc companies about 4G at already in Samsung , Motorla and etc companies so far , but why only Apple they suing , it's crazy at adpatx ,

I really liked Apple products , it's one of the best product at ease of use , touch and see !

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