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February 11, 2012


Apple also said in the same document that they would license those FRAND patents only to those companies that license FRAND patents back to them. They also said that under no terms that they would seek injunctions against any other company because of frand patents only monitary relief.

It is apple who is being Fair Resonable and None Descriminatory with there standards based patents. Motorola, Google and Samsung are using them as weapons. In a very unfair, unreasonably and descriminatory way.

@ KLV. I can't change the word "Waiver" as this is what the court document lists. If there's to be a change, it will have to come from Apple legal. To not intentionally relinquishment some right, may be appropriate.

In response to Motorola's stance on interoperability and patent exhaustion, Apple, CISCO and Microsoft should look for interoperability and exhaustion patents that they can in turn sue Motorola for. For example, Microsoft can sue Motorola & Google for using thier Active Sync or request an exhorbitant fee from both.

As a matter of fact, if you're a software developer or company with a patent that you believe is being used by others but that you're not receiving a fee from because you thought that it was exhausted; think again an sue all third parties using your IP now.

"When Apple makes a promise to license its standards essential patents under FRAND terms, Apple will not waiver."

uh.. do you perhaps mean that they will not WAVER?

Quite the opposite meaning.

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