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January 27, 2012


I reckon the $300 million that Intel is earning in profit is being used to subsidize non-Apple vendors to create MacBook Air clones...

Apple is using ARM processors for their mobile products.

Intel is trying to compete with ARM and vice versa

Intel has invested / developed streaming media and mobil designs before and failed! There is no sign that buying some patents from long time failure Real Networks does anything other than possibly create patent troll opportunities for Intel - something they are not likely to do as it is bad to sue your customers.

Isn't it odd that Apple's exclusive cpu provider, Intel, is furiously trying to launch products/services to shamelessly copy Apple's best-selling laptop?

It almost seems that Intel suddenly wants to take down Apple.

@ Mat. True, but what if Intel redesigns the entire interface? The underlying patents are to defend Intel's future music player from any Apple legal challenge. But the design, could be new, fresh and appealing. I'm just saying that I doubt that Intel is going to "copy" realnetworks interface knowing it didn't fair well. Whoever can challenge iTunes with a real alternative could bring Apple down from it's current market strangling position. Intel seems intent on being the one to accomodate that challenge. I think that many in the industry are cheering Intel on.

It's been a few years since I last used RealPlayer... but from what I remember, iTunes has nothing to worry about =)

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