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December 15, 2011


This is a great idea. The Kiosk should be in the shape of a giant apple with 5 or 6 loading stations around the perimeter. Also, the kiosk needs to be considered for the lower income part of the population. They want an ipod, they receive an ipod but then have no way to load the music and may not for several years. I would suggest a kiosk in every walmart/target/k-mart in the country. By giving back you have bought customers for life. Also, when purchasing a new ipod, the device should come with songs already loaded, top 40 from the past ten years. I know people would actually pay more for songs already loaded.

Secondly, how about a charity to give out free music and ipods? This idea hit us when a young underpriveleged girl from an angel tree asked for ipod. That would be great but how would she load it legally and how would she update it?

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