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November 20, 2011


Bill, the patent states that "after two parts are welded together, for the purposes of quality control, it could be desirable to assess whether the weld was successful and whether the weld meets some quality criteria. A weld assessment could be desirable because an unsuccessful weld or a poor quality weld could result in failure of a component or affect the performance of its associated system during operation of the device."

Words like "For quality control" or .... "to assess" ... seem to be words related to testing which is the context of the patent applicatioin and background; Testing. And the photo of the welder that is in this report shows us a chair beside the welding station.That's not a factory floor.

Ha ha ha, imagine making 30 million iPhones with single testing welding stations. It's kind of a moronic view. I could see one on the factory floor to retest something, but I see it as one of Ive's tools as well and foremost.

Very good report. Thanks.

This hardly seems like a tool that would be used in Ive's playroom. That is a machine destined for the manufacturing floor. Ive would not be prototyping antennae. That would be done in the RF labs, where electrical performance of the antenna could be verified. Welds on such antenna, if any, would be done by engineers and technicians in the machine shop and verification would be done by them as well. It's not until you have to manufacture them in large volumes that you work up a testing machine like that in the patent.

Thanks for this. Very interesting.

Great piece.

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