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October 05, 2011


A genius.Irespect.

Working for Steve was like being in the World Series. Nothing else compares.

R.I.P. Steven P. Jobs.

Forever one of my Heroes and the Insanely Great Boss of them all.

iHurt and I miss Steve already. You were an inspiration.


Good Jobs needs to be remenbered always.Without him who changes the world !

What a lost. Steve changed the world in bringing us vision how the world can be changed.

I remember when Elvis died, when Lennon was shot and now Steve. These are painful moments when creatives who helped to shape a generation leave us way before they should. He had so much energy and passion and that can never be replaced. I will miss you Steve. My heart goes out to Steve's family and his close teammates at Apple.

The world has lost a visionary. May his thought and vision live on.

I'm stunned. I'm in shock and it always hurts when you have to say goodbye to someone that left us much too early. You will be missed Steve.

Here's to the Crazy One, who Thought Different, and changed the world.

May his legacy live on in the company that he brought to life.

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