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October 12, 2011


The iPhone does indeed switch antenna's by determining which has a better signal... which Apple has a patent for. You could claim that it is "unproven" since iPhone's on Verizon never dropped their calls in the first place.. showing there was no problem with the iPhone antenna anyway... and it was in fact the carriers (ATT's) newer more world friendly mobile network that simply was not infilled enough to cover enough areas to keep calls from dropping...

and ATT still has not made complete progress on this front, so iPhone's on ATT's network will still drop some calls... iphone antenna or not.

But it shows how desperate Samsung is to find patents to ward off Apple. It sort of implies that Samsung knows it is the offender in this case.

From my perspective I am going to avoid purchasing any Samsung products because why support a company like them, that copy blatantly.

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