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June 14, 2011


A patent is referred to a set of rights granted to an individual or business by the state that gives them public disclosure of a new invention for a specific amount of time. This grant does not actually give the holder the exclusive right to practice the invention, but simply the right to preclude other outside parties from using or imitating it. Patent Litigation is a controversy or disagreement between two independent parties regarding a dispute of intellectual or physical property.

In reality, a cross-licensing deal would have been cheaper for Apple, since rarely does money exchange hands in such an arrangement. As long as Apple keeps innovating, and provided they deal with the several other rounds of patent infringement suits they are defendants in, they'll do just fine. Nokia has serious challenges well beyond this matter.

When I read your report on Hunting Down Infineon's Documents, it sounded like Apple may have been on the ropes. It'll be interesting to see how this unfold going forward and how Apple's own press release will twist this.

I certainly don't claim to know all the facts of the case, but I believe that the crux of the suits went like this:

Nokia: Hey, Apple dudes! Give us some money for our GSM patents; mmh, MORE money than everyone else pays - hell, you're a computer company, not a phone company! Come on, pay up and while you're at it, throw in all those new touch screeny patents you've been filing. Do it now or we'll crush ya, bokay?

Apple: No way dudes. We pay the same as everyone else or we pay nothing, and as for our patents, dream on!

Nokia: See ya in ITC court!

Apple: See ya then :)

Not so? So, how is this supposed to be a victory for Nokia and a fail for Apple?

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