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June 08, 2011


I Think there will be a 5-7" iPod touch that will interface with gaming, photography, & the web. I would prefer the 7" model myself. It would fit in a cargo pocket, purse, or camera bag, etc.

I agree that Apple is about to reinvent the iPod. Perhaps adding a 3G sim to sync, buy and download on the go. It has to be pc free so there has to be changes afoot. I'm sure it would be a consolation to carriers also after imessage was announced. The iPod watch would be great with FaceTime and VoIP :)

I think it could possibly be double edged.
If the iPod product is to expire then Apple dont want WillyWonka products around the world calling themselves iPod this and that...
Alternately... they are about to reinvent the iPod.

iOS devices have to change because with the cloud, hard drive size won't matter. Maybe we'll get that iPod watch after all.

Apple's iCloud changes the rules. iCloud is Apple's marketing advantage and they're going to reivent music players once more. Apple is a moving target and I'd hate to be their competitor.

The patent and trademark system is without a doubt broken. But due to announcing icloud this week, you have to wonder if they are pointing to another big shift on the way this fall for all things ipod.

Definitely big things coming to the ipod lineup this fall. iCloud changes everything. Why have large drives if the majority of your music will be in the cloud? Believe it or not, I do think Apple is rattling the bushes with this trademark filing and you picked up on it.

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