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February 19, 2011


Great idea and a welcomed one for off-site storage. I prefer an app like that to come from Apple because I don't want my sensitive data in the hands of some smaller developer company that I have no idea who they are, what their background is or if they'd sell me down the river if they needed money to survive. So I'm happy to see that Apple wants to make saving my iTunes library easier, because I trust them!

You could do this by combining Vault+Dropbox. However, having a native implementation is cool too, but hardly innovative.

I wish they'd use their cloud storage and the new NC data center for iTunes / iPhoto offline storage, and to re-download purchases at will in the future.

Apple could do well with actually remembering all your purchases so they're in the cloud and redownloadable in case of loss locally!

Not entirely sure how they get away with putting a coat of paint on secure file storage/backup? Let's hope it doesn't do what MobileMe can to contacts!

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