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January 06, 2011


The Japanese have an inability to see things globally. They still think it's the 80's. (Look how long they have been in a recession.) And no matter how wily, just saying something does not make it true.

Apple should buy Sony.

What are you all talking about? The iPad doesn't require a monthly 3G payment, even if you buy the 3G model.

"...the users of the iPad have to pay a monthly fee for 3G communication." NOT!

This Sony exec is completely misinformed.

When someone takes one aspect of a business model and boils it down conveniently to one like "I don't think that the business model of the iPad is innovative," the individual knows exactly what they were trying to convey. Whether it's Sony or Steve Balmer, they find a way to pick on one aspect of a bigger picture to make themselves look better.

If you heard Ballmer's keynote yesterday touting the Windows 7 Phone, you had to laugh. But it's his job to tout his wares and take a swipe at the competition.

Sony wants you to focus on nothing but e-books and downplays the other attributes of Apple's great iPad business model. Picking on one aspect of it is what's misleading and that's what I'm pointing out.

Your title very misleading. As mentioned by Joe, he said nothing about whether the iPad itself is innovative, only that the free 3G model is innovative.

Its the same view as Amazon's Kindle, and why it won't go to color (unlike B&N). And with the great sales of the Kindle, I think that a single purpose device, if done right, can work out, at least in the short term (5 years or so)

Well, to be particular, he didn't exactly say the iPad isn't innovative, he said the lack of free connectivity is not innovative. In that regard he is correct. Paying yet another monthly data plan on top of my iPhone plan is what is keeping me from an iPad, among a few other things (no single point is doing so, but they accumulate, you know).

Since the Kindle and Sony reader ONLY do ebooks, thus keeping bandwidth needs lower than an iPad, is probably how they can get away with it, plus I am sure whoever the carrier is probably gets a cut of the sale. They'd be silly not to. I doubt if either company deployed a multi-media tablet they would be able to offer free connectivity for those devices.

A wireless data plan to cover all my portable devices would REALLY be innovative, in my book. This nickel and dime-ing of customers is honestly annoying to the point of avoidance on my part.


(Joe, that's why I stated sony had a single advantage.
Thanks for the thoughtful Feedback, Joe. - Jack P.)

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