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January 23, 2011


Well HP/Palm have veered right into Apple's face alright....http://www.precentral.net/topaz-specs-exclusive-details

Not really Maya. He made hundreds of millions in options at Apple. When you make that much money and you're young enough, you want to do something where you have more control. He'll do great at HP just as he did with Apple.

Good luck Jon

If Jon Rubinstein were as intelligent as HP thinks, he wouldn't have gotten out of Apple.

Meg Whitman a visionary? Really?

Apple and HP as partners could effectively crush the rest of the market players. Brains and brawn together? That's what happens when David and Goliath join forces.

Calling it veer is just asking for the jibe about "veering off course". WebOS was superior in some ways up to 4.2 - but the developer only multitouch gestures of 4.3 really do erode that advantage.

Nothing like putting a little pressure on HP. I doubt that they could pull that off. But if they do, it'll only push Apple harder and that's not a bad thing.

As for the "Think" idea... it's an old IBM line.

Long ago are gone the day of the original Hewlett and Packard as engineers.

But it can be "the second coming of HP"!

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