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January 08, 2011


Apple's products are expensive because they aren't made of junky cheap plastic, and have innovative features..

"Microsoft has NO CLASS!!! Microsoft focus is on $$$, wherever and however it can get."

I think you got mixed up. Isn't that what Apple is doing now? Isn't that the reason why their Macs, iProducts are so expensive? They're more focused on the moolah.

Microsoft has NO CLASS!!! Microsoft focus is on $$$, wherever and however it can get. Apple focuses on class and end-user experience!!!

I hope apple comes out with something like this, it's kinda gimmicky, which is not apple's style (thankfully), but the coolness factor could more than make up for it, especially with apples interface expertise. when i replace my iphone 4 with my iphone 6 i want to be able to place it on my apple iTable so it can inductively charge, while the recent contents of my mobile day are splayed out on the surface adjacent to my phone and simultaneously backed up to my iHome apple server, also triggering my apple TV to put on my predetermined TV station with a Facebook ticker on the bottom.

Apple could also make this into a scanner, a kinect like controller. I hope it'll be in the next iMac which you could make into a surface or use normally with a keyboard. It should have Retina display.

How about a poker table that displays a green surface and...

Whoa. I'd like a gaming table in my home with this technology to play e-board games like monopoly on. As for FaceTime, it would be a grrreat improvement to just focus on the face in front of you to be more natural. Maybe it would even provide better lighting.

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