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November 13, 2010


@ Donovan, nice point.

I'd like to play games on my ipod touch and have top right and left buttons for accellerate and brake or simple jump and run gaming actions.

I could see reading something in landscape on an iPod touch and tapping the right top corner to speed scroll, if a website, or turn the page if an ibook. I'd rather press an area on the iPod's frame to scroll quickly than to use swipe and taking my hand off of the device.

I think that trying to create a game pad would be great so that the contols are off screen. It could be tricky to implement this however with differing hand sizes. But that could very well be the reason to do it. Games could be huge on the iPad if it had a standard means of working with an original iPad gamepad built right into the back of the ipad. That's the natural place to have it. But it's a theory unfortunately.

This is nice, but doesn't the Palm Pre already do this, where you have to swipe below the screen?

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