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October 20, 2010


First reactions:

The New MacBook Air: Excellent design upgrade with solid state storage: Nice.

iLife's new iMovie Home Movie Trailers: Brilliant. We're all going to have a blast with that feature.

iLife's new GarageBand Features include lessons for piano and guitar and includes a new "How did I Play" feature to track your performances over time. Where was that when I was a kid? Who knows, I may even try piano with this tool. Very cool.

iMac Upgrade: Non-existent. Booooo. This would have been the time to upgrade the iMac. Very disappointing. The best that we could expect now is a boring last minute speed bump and maybe a bump to a 23" display .... if we're lucky.

Then again, with OS X Lion being about touch, how could one take the gamble that Apple won't reivent the desktop in 2011, right? On the flipside, OS X Lion won't supposedly alienate those buying an iMac today as Apple will "likely" shy away from a touch display.

Although it would be nothing for Jony Ives to create a MacBook like HP's EliteBook 2740p with a swivel display of sorts to create an iPad experience (so that touch is horizontal), Steve Jobs and Apple wish to play stupid for the time being - like they can't even imagine it. Is that a marketing move to hide what's coming or a realistic postion Apple will employ long term? Time will tell.

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