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September 11, 2010


I don't buy stuff with my phone so i don't worry about this stuff. All I hope is that Apple is upfront with us and spells out what they're tracking specifically and if we have the option to opt out. For the simple stuff, I'm not concerned at all.

My equilibrium is fine with this, as long as I don't hear the two scariest words:"Trust Me"

Ad Men = Mad Men. Brilliantly postitioned. I never really thought about stuff like this before. Session cookies are one thing, but all this tracking with phone numbers is too much. I checked out other reports you filed on this subject and tracking will permeate every thing over time. Every purchase we make with a future electronic wallet application and that's where this could get spooky.

Apple should discuss this at a future keynote to clear the air so that we get the facts and not let speculation run rampant. It's early in the ad game for portable devices and Apple has time to set the facts straight. That said, is it not a conflict of interest to cross a device owner with an ad company? That could be a legal issue down the road for Apple.

To Apple: The public really doesn't understand where you're going with tracking. It would be great if you could put out a clear press release or set a part of a future keynote aside to just explain the technology in plain English.

The funny thing is anything Apple does seems to make people uneasy but they never complained about the personal data that Google is collecting on them.

Apple's ad that you show above lists some targeting attributes that they present to companies today. Location, home and current is one. Application tracking is another. Now we read this and know that even more ways to track our purchases at the Apple Store and at other retailers. It's a new market that Apple has entered and there's going to be a learning curve.

I strongly believe that Apple will do the right thing as we voice our concerns. Just give them some time. They did the right thing for geolocation and they'll do the right thing here I'm sure. Hashing it out though is a way to help us vent. Thanks.

Apple should do for ads what they did for geo location services as this site covered (see link below). They should go out of their way to give us the option to shut off all ad-related tracking on iOS devices. If they give us that level of privacy, they'll be shown to be leaders. If they don't, they'll be showing us that they're not the company that we thought they were. Thanks for the report.


It would seem that this patent is a classic. The patent is admitting to finding a way to collectively track a user on any device using various new methods that the phone companies may have overlooked at protecting us. The race will be on to continually foil the efforts of cell phone network operators from protecting our phone numbers and this is a disturbing trend no doubt. This patent appears to even have a way around cookies. So this is what makes us uneasy about this technology and if it gets out of control, the industry players like Apple will suffer. You saw the mania over the "death grip" non-issue. What if there was a real issue related to tracking technology gone wrong?

Privacy is going to be the issue of this decade with technology companies continually telling us to "get over it," or that privacy is dead, just so they could justify their greedy behaviour of tracking the hell out of us for profit. To that I say, shove it, we'll call the shots on that issue bucko! Am I along on this? I don't think so.

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