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September 23, 2010


I hope it will be with iPhones soon

I would love to see Apple build a dedicated camera, amongst other things.
Design quality, fit and finish of the iPhone 4 with a reputable lens and with instant connectivity to the Apple product range.
Just imagine the possibilities - seeing the viewfinder simultaneously on iPad, etc ...

Apple sure has multiple industries running around with their heads cut off looking at ways to counter Apple's every move. The camera OEMs are losing thier bottom end bread and butter to devices like the iPhone and iPod touch. Next it's the iPad and so on and so on and on. Adding zoom accessories and next generation flash arrays is more of a headache.

On a lighter note, wasn't patent figure 4 spoken of in the Book of Revelations ... a beast with many eyes .... ahhhh, ruuun for your lives!

The bottom drawing clearly shows us that Apple is trying to patent trees!

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