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September 16, 2010


Apple clearly lists the computers by name that this patent pertains to. Systems like the Mac Pro uses an Intel Processor and I can't see it running thing else (x86) in the short term. Apple is only taken seriously in the workplace today because they play nice with Window/x86 environments.

You state Marc that the "ARM schematic that Apple has lifted in this patent for presentational intention..." Sorry, I don't see the resemblence of the ARM schematic (via your link) to what Apple presents in the patent - at all. Just because it shows the word "Snoop" means nothing.

I don't know the relationship that Apple has with Intel in respect to what they are or are not allowed to control. We will likely never know the answer to that Marc. But Apple adding the name of the computers that this patent pertains to, tells me that it's not ARM.

Like you said, we'll agree to disagree on this one.


We'll agree to disagree on Sandy-Bridge as it's design doesn't remotely resemble the ARM schematic that Apple has lifted in this patent for presentational intentions, not to mention Apple won't be designing custom controllers and patenting them to use within the Intel IP vicinity, nor with AMD for that matter.

This is a mirror of the ARM Cortex-A9 Multicore 4CPU design.


Apple has access to this Hardware IP, because they paid heavily to license it [Intel did as well which probably explains why their Atom is trying to match the ARM] and it's reasonable this patent is w/ regards to Darwin leveraging this design for the iOS Platform and their future numbered revisions of the A# Processor that includes their own GPU integrated via IMGTech.

I like how they've generalized the patent for future desktop, laptop or other general purpose systems, but it seems rather clear it's immediate impact is for the A# [A5, A6 or whatever they call it] Apple Processor of the future with 4 Cores; hence the ARM A-9 Cortex as baseline to draw upon.

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