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June 08, 2010


@Michael. Ha! Finally, someone with a great sense of humor. Good one. Yes Mike, civility rules on Patently Apple. It's also why we only get a handful of comments a week - ha!


@Jack. I'm a bit worried now, I thought blog comments were supposed to descend into flames and blind criticism rather than polite and understanding conversation. This isn't how it's supposed to work at all ...

@Michael. You make a valid point and I've added "North America" to that line to which you refer.

That said, Having technology out for a decade in Japan and not being able to translate it to North America is ... well ... very much a failure. Mind you, bandwidth in North America is crippled and Apple is banking on 4G. The bottom line is that I'll take first on what works versus what's first for the sake of argument.

Yet on point, you're correct Michael. Thanks for taking the time to make your point known to Patently Apple in a professional manner.

Let's be clear that video calling on cell phones with front-facing cameras has been available outside of the US for over nine years, using 3G phone networks in every other continent, so Face Time over wifi-only may be slick, but it's not new.

Japan had video calling the same month as the first iPod (October 2001), the UK had it 18 months later, South Africa had cell phone video calling in 2004.

Apple is an innovative company, and iPhone 4 has some great features, and it could be that Apple are the first company to make video calling popular - very few people use it in the UK even though millions of capable phones are sold each year - but please be realistic about iPhone video calling being a historical first.

I know they've got some very clever people and they're very good but Apple's ability to deliver the future is staggering.

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