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February 19, 2010


Whilst holding back to see if Apple can extend this into the wired/wireless videorecorder/webcam realm - it's interesting to see where they could take it with cameras - the recent camera industry event has shown a few examples of accessories to cameras that plausibly an iPhone could take over.


The Nikon CoolPix P100 with articulating display.
The Pixel LV-WI Wireless Live View Remote Control.

My thanks to a Macite called "Bill" for emailing about his older iPod camera connector this morning. When it comes back out I'll be getting one for sure. Let's hope that Apple's next refresh of the iMac and MacBook comes with at least USB 3.0!


Great idea.

Would it be possible to plug my FireWire iSight camera into my iPod touch? The poor thing sits in a box with nothing to do!

Thank you Jack :-)

All started because the DSLR always had such a horrible interface.

Apple, are you paying attention to Alex's idea? You should. Ha!

Nice idea Alex

i did this mockup some weeks ago:
do you like it?

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