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January 15, 2010


That's both funny and true, Dave.

Apple's patent is really about depth perception as is noted in the original report. You'll find a link to that report in the first paragraph. In that report there's a 3D app video shown to run on an iPod touch that provides an excellent example of depth on a display that isn't 3D trickery.

On a tablet however, shifting or tilting the tablet in various positions to get a better view of something would be much faster tnan a mouse could be. So there's an application for the types of apps shown above. Yet perhaps the iMac isn't the best example for those types of apps.

Once again, good point, Dave.

God, that looks like a terrible idea. Who really wants to move their whole torso like to view anything?
A hand gesture system on the magic mouse or a touch screen could exactly what this demo protrayed, faster and easier, without the neck strain.

One word, "Wow!" I left the Palm fold and joined the Apple fold last year and I am not looking back. What a company! They really are true leaders at innovation. Thank You for the article.

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