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January 18, 2010


The floating/disappearing/appearing controls shown in the early part of this article already exist in QuickTime X.
It isn't hard to see how this would work with a touch screen and hand gestures.

The DJ use of a tablet device has certainly been a topic of discussion lately. It will be interesting to see the response from the developers of current applications.

Barring any game changing UX this product is a more cumbersome tool for productivity software then a regular laptop. It's use case and purpose will be more of a Amazon Kindle killer. It will only be used for consuming and controling digital media. It is the next generation iPod. It will be a very popular media device but will not change mobile computing as we know it.

Let's not freak out here. Apple does their homework "PooPsTech" and I'm sure that while there are some new exciting UI elements for the coming tablet, Apple will ease everyone of them in accordingly. It could take three or four generations of tablets before we see all of the UI elements that Apple is working on. Steve Jobs is a fanatic at the OS and UI working just right. Nothing will go to the consumer that is frighteningly complicated. Relax.


If 50% of this is correct, 90% of Tablet users will throw their tablets out of the window in the first week. I am serious - the ops of this device would have such a steep learning curve, even for geeks! Let's remember that the main UI that 99% of us are used to are the tired & old Mouse and keyboard and folders and icons. Radical move from these UI elements would have a high price in terms of user dissatisfaction and lack of use.

yeah, MichaelT needs to be the new "hand drawer" at Apple.

At Ron: What hardware has microsoft put out?

Can I get a job at Apple drawing hands? It looks like they need help.

I don't even have to read more than a few sentences of this article. No matter what Apple puts out there, it will CRUSH anything MicroSoft has put out. No brainer.

The idea of back-side buttons is perhaps the most exciting patent for gamers. This will become a very hot product if they are programmable...

Apple rightly wants to kill the PC (this means Macs too!) - they are too complicated for most peoples needs. The open nature of OS X and Windows and linux means that nasty software can run. The tablet will not run OS X apps out of the box. It will only run apps modified for it - and it they will have to be signed by the Developer and by Apple, just as they are now for the iPhone.

No more configuration, virus, or (for the most part) disk crashing problems. Want a new tablet? Just buy it, turn it on and log in. Mac OS X will be supported as a development platform, and for Photoshop/video editing types. Everybody else only needs this. I see 27" versions with keyboards, and Apple eventually dropping the iMac and MacBook. MacBook Pro and tower will stay for the hobbyists, developers and the 'large file' gang.

The idea of displaying different modes for working with different applications makes perfect sense, which is where I think all rival tablet PC designs are missing the point. Microsoft and HP (and others) seem focused mostly on content consumption (reading e-books, watching video, etc.) The killer tablet design is to be able to consume AND create content, and that's what Apple is probably going to reveal to make it a real show stopper rather than release just another me-too tablet.

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